Testing Services

Testing Services

Oil Analysis Price List

Basic Oil Test Kit (BOT)
20 Elements which include the wear metals, silicon and the oil additives. Includes Viscosity, (fuel, antifreeze and soot on diesel engines).

Kits can be used on any of the following
Gear Boxes
Industrial oils

Basic Oil Test Enhanced (BOE)
All of the above plus
TBN and Oxidation on engines
TAN on non Engines

Basic Oil Test Enhanced w/particle count (BOP)
Includes Particle count and ISO rating (4406:1999)

Basic Oil Test Enhanced w/water by Karl Fisher (BOW)
Water reported in ppm and TAN

Basic Oil Industrial Package (BOI)
Includes Particle count w/ISO rating and Water by Karl Fisher and TAN

Sample Pump Guns

Tubing (1/4” 100’ Rolls)

Call for pricing on fuel and coolant analysis. The above pricing is for Pre-Paid kits sold in lots of ten kits to a case. Samples not in prepaid kits will be slightly higher in cost.

All Kits are FOB Phoenix; Shipping to Continental US is $10.00 for the first 10 pack and $1.00 for each additional 10 pack. For shipping outside of the US, please provide your UPS, FedEx or DHL shipper number.

Miscellanies Testing

Aircraft Samples Basic LOA test D-287
API Gravity
Ash Content % D-482
Brake Fluid Contamination
Bio Diesel Percent
Cetane Index D-976
Chiller Basic (spec, tan, W-Kf)
Cloud and Pour Point D-976
Conoco-B-PP Basic includes TBN or TAN
Con-B+Particle Count
Coolant (antifreeze) Basic
Coolant (antifreeze) Basic w/metals
Distillation of Petroleum Procucts D-86
Direct reading Ferrography DR Ferro
Direct reading Ferrography w/picture
Disolved Gas (DGA) D-3612
Flash Point PMCC D-93
Flash Point COC D-92
Fuel Dilution % Fuel Meter
Glycol antifreeze in oil)
Infrared Analysis (FTIR)
Micro and Millipore Combo
Microscopic filter exam
Millipore Filtration
Octane (Gasoline R&M 2)
Oil analysis Basic
Oil Analysis Basic with TBN OR TAN
Oxidatin Nitration FTIR
Particle count (ISO or NAS)
Reserve Alkalinity
PCB’s EPA 8082
Pour point and Cloud Poine D-976
Percent of Prist in Jet fuel
Soot Soot Meter
Specific Gravity D-1122
Sugar in Petroleum Products
Sulfur Determiniation in Fuel Oil D-4296
Total Acid Number D-664/974
Total Base Number D-4739
Viscosity @ 100 c D-445
Viscosity @ 40 c D-445
Viscosity Index Includes 40 c & 100 c D-445
Water & Sediment in Distillate Fuels D-2709
Water & Sediment in Crude Oils (BS&W) D-96
Water by Crackle
Water by Karl Fisher
Water Reaction (alcohol test) D1094
The above listed tests are the most frequently requested. For any other test on oil, fuel or coolant call us for a quote.