Web Site Guide

Web Site Guide

How to use the ground equipment web-site

As written by Bill Gordon at Lab One Inc.© (Rev 6  0610)

The website address is www.laboneinc.com or www.aviationoilanalysis.com

Both of these addresses will take you to the same place. Some oil jobbers also have a link on their website. The website will not be available to you until we have processed your first sample and have posted it to the web.

You will need your customer number, (example 84), which will be a one, two, three or four digit number. Those of you who were on the old system will not have to enter the 900000 any more. You will also need a password, which we will assign to you, and it will look like this, 09TRIAL.  The ID and Pin that I have listed here will let you into a file called John Doe Sample.  This is for those of you that do not yet have an account with us and would like to try our internet service.

When you get to the first page, on the left you will see “FLEET OVERVIEW”. Under this you will see   ALL – Reportable – Critical.  This is very simple.  ALL will show you all of the samples that you have processed with us since you started sending us samples.  REPORTABLE will show you the samples that are reportable and lastly CRITICAL will be all of the samples that are real bad.

When you see the unit that you want, click on it in the compartment column and this will bring up the sample details, which is the information on the unit you selected.  The next thing that you see below this is REPORT.  There are two kinds of reports. STANDARD, is a two page report that will give you the previous sample interpretations on the second page, along with ferrograph pictures or graphs.  The SIMPLE report will show you the current sample and up to four histories, but only the interpretation of the current sample.  GRAPHS, will give you a graph of each element that is shown on the report and also some of the physical data.

On any report that you are printing, it is best to use the icon on the very left of the header, rather than your browser icon. The browser icon may not print all of the information in the format on the screen.

To change from on screen to another, do the following.

When you are looking at a report, which has been brought up by Adobe, A PDF file, you can close it out with the red X in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  If you wish to go the previous menu, click on the back arrow in the upper left hand corner.  When you are in any of the website menu’s, always click on the button that says BACK TO MAIN MENU.

Under the buttons that give you the different types of reports and graphing is a box that says CUSTOMER COMMENTS ALREADY ON FILE. You probably will not have any on file at this time but, this will show all the comments that you put in regarding this unit.

The very next box is labeled, ADDITIONAL COMMENTS. This is where you will enter any comments that you would like to have on file. Example: Oil pump on this engine changed on 6/23/10 at 156,258 miles. When you hit the submit button it will put this comment in a queue and will be sent to the website on the next recycle and be posted in your box of comments already on file. These comments will stay with that unit forever.

Going back to the Main Menu and looking at the box in the center that says SEARCH.  If you are looking for a sample of any unit and you know any of the information such as Serial number, (even just part of it), unit #, Make, or Model, it will bring it up.  For example: if you put International in the model it will show you all the Internationals that you have in your system. This is great for a quick look up when you know just part of the information.

Going back to the menu on the left, the first item is Account info.  This tells who you are, who is getting copies of the reports, the date of your last activity, how many samples you have processed year to date and how many samples you have done since you started with us. Note the box for emailing corrections. If some of this information is not correct or address or email has to be changed, you can email us the corrections and we will put them in your file. You cannot make the changes, WE HAVE TO DO IT.  This is for your protection so no one can mess up your file.
The next box, JOB SITE INFORMATON.  This is for our customers that have equipment at different job sites and need to keep track of them and have the reports sent to the jobsite manager.

Next is EQUIPMENT INFO.  This shows the make, model, unit and serial number and the date of last activity on each unit in your file.

Next we look at REPORTS.  If you are a customer that has job sites, it will list the equipment on each job site.   You can create a report by make & Model, by Serial#, by Unit #, by Last sample activity which will list on top the most recent piece of equipment that was sampled.

It will also do a trend profile, again by unit, serial, make or compartment. EXAMPLE: you may list by compartment and find out that you are having a problem with all of your transmissions. This may be just a coincident or you may find that someone has put the wrong fluid in them.  Anyway you can make all kinds of reports that suit your needs.
At the next box, PRE-REGISTER, This module is not yet activated and will be worked on for future use.

CONTACT US.  This gives you our information.  When you double click on Lab One Inc it will also bring you to the home page of our website.  The main phone is for customers in the phoenix dialing area. The toll free number (866) will not work locally. Our address for both shipping UPS or Fedex is listed as well as the Post office box for sending mail or samples. You can send an email to us by clicking on the email address.

HOURS: Remember, Arizona does not change the clocks, so in the winter time, we are on Mountain time and in the summer or what is know as daylight savings time, we are on pacific time.

The next box SAMPLES SINCE is probably one of the things we use most and you will find it answers a lot of your questions.  For Example, you remember that some samples were sent sometime in the last two weeks but, you for some reason did not see the results and wonder if they are done.  In the blank box you would type in the date you think you sent the samples say 06/05/2010 and click on the search key.  This will show you ALL of the samples we have processed for your account since the date you entered. The only thing that will not show is a sample that is currently being processed in the lab.  This sample will not show up until it is finished and we close out the day.

SOME TIPS:  When you are looking at a report, you can print it out, and remember as I said before, use the print icon on the left of the header so it prints out in the proper format.  You can save it to a file, you can email it to someone else by going to the FILE pull down menu and click on SEND then PAGE BY EMAIL and it will send it to whoever needs it.